state which succeeds the convulsions, apoplexy might at first be sus-
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magnifying lens on its posterior third, it will be seen that, in addi-
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neys were atrophied and degenerated ; in one case the granular tissue of
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Five months afterward, at the card-table with his family, he was seized
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which transmit volitions to the muscles of the extremities. Afl^ecting
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crlbed to the epiglottis of protecting this organ during the pro-
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freshing. Delirium sometimes occurs, and, if present, is active. This
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it is doubtless the most comprehensive extant, meet-
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A small extravasation in the pons so situated as to press upon the medulla
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Thus the second condition, namely, an irregular or current-
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of two kinds, the "typhus mitior" and " typhus gravior," the former being free
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Under the head of hysterical coma may be embraced certain extraor-
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this it is evident that the superficial, thin, tapering segment of
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Treatment of Typhus and Typlioid Fever. Relapsing Fever— Anatomical Characters— Clinical
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tinues, with efforts to get out of bed, subsultus tendinum occurs, the pulse
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to its disapi)earance. It has also been conjectured that the lactic acid is
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of involuntary seminal emissions, spermatorrhoea, and sometimes impo-
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the present century. Each is a distinctive species of fever, having phe-
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ject is to nourish the body as well as possible with as much exclusion of
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ment of the relative number of cells, if taken alone, is not neces-
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Hr. West. For years we have held his opinion as 1 Boston Med. and Surg. Journal.
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from rigidity of the uterus, the-os is found slightly gaping, with a