New York. Dr. O'Connor is at present (1918) in the Medical Re-
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by a French physician to be only a combination of albumen with
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acquaintance with drugs and their preparation, and a very unusual
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Vast strides have been made, mostly in the right direction, within
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the French-Canadian women voluntarily to expose their children
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In his address to the graduating class of the University of Buffalo,
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vary greatly and very suddenly. There is no more derange-
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died, 267; brought in moribund, 34; remaining, 61. Mortality,
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painful sensation, tumefaction, and redness of the nose ; ulcera-
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deed " twin-sisters," and every physician must testify to the
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More often than not it is soiled by the projectile that in
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tirely separate disease. It is distinguished from chlorosis not merely by the
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Brieger recently inoculated mice and guinea-pigs with " cul-
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of such parents it is not surprising that Dr. Mary H. Mc-
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strength with that of their juniors, not favorable to the latter !
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and is director of surgery to the Bellevue Hospital, Cornell Division,
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lowing resolutions, which were also adopted, and which will be
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Journal, as well as to a number of others. Many of these have been
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ing island, there has been no epidemic of measles, but one or two
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spine. It is commonly met with in persons who have been ex-
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relieved from all constriction. By giving solid support
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where. Broad and comprehensive in mind, he estimates
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Activity;" a paper by Dr. B. W. Richardson, on "Measures of
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when he did, for he lived at a time when more great men were accom-
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tions of the liver, Dr. Flint was voted an award of fifteen hundred
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journals of the United States, and his contributions on surgical sub-
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