signs of cardiac dilatation unless it is acute and severe. If he has not been

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toms usually constitute the characteristic clinical picture in certain diseases,

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attack may be suggestive. In rare cases there is a characteristic musty odor

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and in this probably lies a great danger in the spreading of infection. The

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isolated cases, but is shown by hospital and mortality statistics. Sixty-seven

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used as a s}TiomTn, and from the prevalence of the disease among camps and

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The great advantage of co-operation would, of course, be

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they arrived on the 11th of May, shows the existence there, at that time, of

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officers should always be alert and ready to attend whenever there are any

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exact danger line is hard to draw, respirations of 50 or more, unless due to

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recesses and folds, and the l}Tnphatic tissues of the nasopharyngeal mucous

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It is evident that it would not be wise to vaccinate during an epidemic, as

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Influenza. — Pfeiffer has found the B. influenzoB in the spleen, and Canon

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definite idea of the valve involved, or inform us whether

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pox," by George Dock. New York Medical Journal Nov. 29 and Dec. 6, 1902.

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perature may be normal or subnormal and is hardly ever high. The course

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it piles up in the right ventricle of the heart and causes dis-

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patient. It is more important to the community that there be no danger of

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recorded in four cases was 16,000 and the highest 46,200 per cmm. The

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watched those cases ever since, and now has under observa-

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army was very high. There was typhoid fever in every corps of the army

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veyance by the mosquito. In 1903 a rather extensive epidemic prevailed in

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opinion, not always, I fear, to the benefit of the company and

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through unceasing selection and rejection ; in a word,

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upon those points in the anatomy and physiology of the

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medical work done for a less total expense than formerly;

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enlarged and painful. Fever reaching 103° to 104° F. may be present.

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Diarrhoea.— This was present during the course in 260 patients (17.4

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medical man knows that the risk to a mother is far greater

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gradually die. It was to such that Griesinger gave the name of "bilious

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tional, and others temporary, the greater number are, as

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tion, it may be inferred that 2865 of those maimed soldiers