During the intervals of freedom treatment must be directed
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strengthen the system. Thus a scrofulous taint maybe completely worn out in a
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Good, vesicular respiratory murmur. No adventitious sounds, except
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the shape of hardened lumps, to the region above the hyoides. All these parts
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Experience with this eruption is like that with scurvy in infants
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consequent morbid displacement, would be difficult to take up, and that its coats
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of lymphatic glands was noted at this time. The spleen was not
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bring out are the value of these precautionary examinations as an aid to
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within a few hours with a local reaction. With the assistance of
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not through association with the phobia. From this point of view
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decomposition of bilirubin within the bile passages. Thus, patients
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of the skin, and, bringing the two opposed portions of that membrane into con-
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observation at a time when, on account of the narrowness of the
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is to relieve the head from the accimiuiation of blood, to prevent fartiier con-
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one after another. The treatment of fever which has proved most
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of the brain. He intended at first to use a small battery of twenty-five plates,
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gravimetrically is by the spectroscope through the absorption
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tlie degree of cohesion possessed by the tissue in its normal condition."
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approximation of the anterior hypochondria toward the median
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a month since lAvas obliged to draw off the water by catheter two or three times.
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this valuable contribution, I wish to remark upon the fact that three
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sac and also contribute to an appreciation of cardiac enlargement
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of iron thus situated by the aid of a spear-pointed cataract needle; but, as others
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ing; here increasing the quantity of the laudanum, and diminishing
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cine. Delivered before the Rochester Athenaeum, February 9, 1841. By request. Ro-
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pressure in all persons past middle life. A yearly examination by
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Parts Affected. Joints only, 3 (11.1 per cent.). Soft tissues only,
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feeble that he can walk for a few minutes only at a time; intelligence
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subsiding, the pain alone continues. Here the pain may be purely nervous; and
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ing of both hemispheres. We see the same thing occurring in the case of
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manual of general pathology, and one calculated, in our opinion, to excite them
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the average coagulation time being approximately from ten to
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small passable calculus, in its course along the ureter, causes most severe and
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great object of medical science is to discover the characters of the spiritual
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Case 21. Marked splenic enlargement; progressive anemia;
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Par centre il n'y a pas d'augmentation de substance collolde dans les amas cellu-
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Of this he appears to have been aware, for when speaking of the ana-
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recollected that the normal execution of all the functions of assimilation, demand
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styptics having proved useless, and the difiicully of properl}- applying them, in