the threads and conceal the uric acid crystals. The earthy precipi-
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when sugar is j) resent in the proportion of at least 0.25 jjer cent.
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come more and more certain that rheumatoid arthritis is a disease
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There is one fact in the history of rheumatic pericarditis which has
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times called the "soft spot" or anterior fontanelle and remains open
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A condition that is very common and one that frequently causes confusion
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The question of the pathological affinities of the so-called Heber-
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ought to be large, well ventilated and admit abundant sunlight.
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this malady would appear to have a syphilitic origin and in others a malarial,
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rise to that malady. The fact that it does cut short this fever is to
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money required in the interest of a sweet breath must be poor indeed.
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There are some substances which are poisonous only when sepa-
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like, still the sufferers are often much more markedly benefited by
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* In this case hypertrophy and dilatation must still be considered as phenomena
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into the equation, namely, the poisonous effect of alcohol upon the
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water. Keep it stirring and boil gently. Sweeten and pour into a
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inished at both ends. But circumstances every now and then arise
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origin, and is due to purely dynamic alterations in the cord, since no
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If in arthritis deformans we have merely a dystrophy of joints
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the other hand are bound to lead to marked disturbances in the re-
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cold. The diet should consist of beef tea, milk, gruel, broths and
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action to nervines. They quiet and soothe the nerves which are un-
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ical and recurrent headache — usually described as hemicrania or
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physical endurance. The drinking of coffee at night usually pro-
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usually appear first, but sometimes the two upper ones precede them.
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water in the pregnant condition, it is due to the pressure of the
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two on the first day, to one hundred and four or five on the second
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after presenting the sj^mptoms of the malady in the ordinary form,
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In cases of sickness, one difficulty which confronts the ordinary
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Fresh fish: All kinds of fresh fish, boiled or broiled, prepared with-
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prevents the exit of venous blood from the kidney may cause albuminuria,
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The constant influence of the nervous system upon all the
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who remained beside her all night, stated that she would probably
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comfort and improvement. Slight deformities can often be corrected
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tions may be a mixture of the findings of the two classes. How often do
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Bouchardat : De la Glycosurie ou Diabete Sucre. Paris, 1875.
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two soft-boiled eggs or thirty to forty grams meat, cold or freshly
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symmetry of the limbs are disturbed by an unequal increase of vol-
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In this relaxed condition clothing prevents cold currents of air
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nostic value. In acute attacks the pupils tend to be dilated, but may be of
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they have none. The limits of such control are what we endeavor to de-
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Regarding such inflammation as identical in nature and pathology
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this hypothesis, Sir Thomas Watson thought these symptoms might
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prominent symptom in ulcer or cancer of the stomach. Falls, caus-
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est degree of functional activit}^ and are habitually subject to free
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and differing from them only in the nature of the textures involved.
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and the operation is complete. It does not involve pain if properly
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the legs. W^hile not forgetting the algetic symptoms referable to
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be superficial, or involve all the layers of the cornea. They may be
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with chondroplasts of recent formation become organized by an ar-
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flammation is undeniable, and moreover it is often possible to prove
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those of the right owing to the greater force required to send the