the deficient nutrition; neither is the consumption of sugar inter-
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Chronic pancreatitis occurs, however, in two forms, one of which
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Ireland Wheeler, Austin Meldon, William Carte, Sir Charles Alexander
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Bacterinuria. — The commonest examples of these conditions of the
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sider it in the interests of medical education in general. It
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urine we have already referred to in our article on the Infections by the
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On the motion of Sir Dycb Duckworth, seconded by Mr.
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enlarge and form abscesses called suppurating buboes, but does not
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insight into this disease when we recognize that the first symptom is
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also to so many other parts, such as the medulla of bone, the
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irritation of the branches of the phrenic nerve widely distributed on
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vesicle allows to happen, so that the original pimples fill up with pus
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might give rise to some inconvenience to carry out this practice in all
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very unfinished condition, as every industrial exhibition in
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Hack Tuke, on the alleged increase of insanity; that on
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atfectation and pretence, and liated cant of all kinds with a
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severe pleuritic pain that the breathing becomes very hurried, short,
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at the nape of the neck and the whole arterial circulation of the
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nephritis are induced and kept up by disorders of intestinal digestion.
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general daily utility, will gradually lose its hold on the
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i>-.:j;i;.. .x :; ^.^v :; vj.i j;-r.:\ wjih an attack of severe coughing
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Liinrherm. — Dr. Pahsons (President-elect) invited members
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Future Meetings. — It was resolved that the autumnal
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tion of the person and disinfection of the clothes of the short-
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opment of an aortic murmur in a comparatively young subject without
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don ; Dr. S. M, Hamill, Burnham ; Mr, J, L, Hamilton, Brighton ; Mr.
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peated many times, and invariably with similar results.
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guardians may, with tlie consent of the Poor Law Board, but not other-
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catheter, assisted by the finger in the bowel, and drew oflT
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Recently, however, the etiology of typhus has taken an entirely
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Post-Graduate Course shows how thoroughly a couple of
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gall-bladder, in obstructive gall-stone jaundice, may shrink up to the
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the evidence you adduce against the antivaccination mania at present
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ceedings, are sometimes very far from amusing. Before the
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which may be uneven or bead-like if atheromatous changes in its waUs
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prompted by a popular tradition, and gave evidence in sup-
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