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motion and the direction offerees, regardless of the physiological peculiarities
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The urobilin found in this fraction of the bile is of interest in
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succeeded as a prophylactic in manufactories of carbonate of lead. In those of
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induced. In an animal, which died two hours after the injection of a little
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fication. After describing the mode of onset, the symptoms, and
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where a patient recovers, seems to be the following: — It becomes at first some-
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reference to the table, this striking peculiarity is at once apparent. On a
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titioners, in such cases, recommend pills of calomel, rhubarb, and aloes; but
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spread. It is generally recognized that moist or dry particles
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pneumonic. ,, The following histories are illustrative:
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and if their minds are not too far warped by prejudice, they will, we think,
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Personal History. The patient is the sixth child. Birth normal.
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The literature, by the way, of this department of medicine, is probably far
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coccus viridans was obtained from the pulp, socket and gum, and
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North Sliields applied to me on account of a tumour of the lower jaw, which
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The symptoms were strongly suggestive of meningitis and such
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had treated patients with syphilis of the central nervous system with serum obtained
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Since the anatomical characteristics of this symptom complex
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ranges from 80 to 100. Weight, 1 27 pounds. Blood : reds, 3,310,000;
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classification for the 2917 new cases coming to operation between
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execute every exertion it was called upon to perform. In this case, however,
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predecessor in office, Dr. Collins, an opportunity will shortly be af-
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of voluntary motion gradually ceased; the eyes became fixed, glassy and staring;
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that larger quantities probably have no place in medicine. It is
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final period, and although our experience in the hospital is great,
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according to Hofbauer, the upright position reduces the motility
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These cases have all been checked by careful clinical and, where possible,
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a determined effort to expel its contents, and shows all the evi-
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The fifth pair of nerves is formed, on each side, of two sets of filaments,
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rheir ".essels carry red blood, their sensibility becomes exquisite, and they enjoy
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and partly by the fact that I had found symbolisms of a sexual
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60 Barbour's Observations on Congestive Fever. [July
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and July," he says, " the British army marched through the singularly dry,
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dons were strong and shining, and apparently quite unaltered. The capsular
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periodical character of the discharge and the frequency of its occurrence depend-
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1907. Sollmann, Torald H., 4327 Superior Ave., Cleveland."
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Cadiz y de Murcia, &c. &c. Habana, 1831, 4to, pp. 38G.
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lished and new channels are found. The same process occurs when
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into the pleural cavity is a simple procedure, but this, unfortunately,
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at two or three other periods in Boston, Massachusetts; and to a
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it is towards the decline of that disease, as the cold weather sets in. In the
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and they may for the most part be accepted at their face value.
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monia. The autopsy showed lesions of the mitral valve, chordae tendineae,
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In 1903 she received an injury (?) to the back, from which she was confined