I pass to special fruits let me give some views of Dr. Boiling
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1. The torpid type has been most frequently under my observation
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To abort cases thus within two weeks is not unusual, and this explains
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two years, when it was killed accidentally, it had thrived and
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toys. I remember that Lister cursed the spray. He said. "' I
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air bath (160° F. ) , followed by a spray douche under thirty pounds' pressure for
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lus tuberculosis on the part of the persons exposed ; and (A) The germs
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made by Bezold, Ludwig, and Eoehrig, it may be safely stated that the
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think, are surely one of the great causes of the increase of
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and profitable to discuss. The sensitive nervous organization of the
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Complications. — Erysipelas occasionally acts as a serious compli-
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in New South Wales and South Australia. Western Austra-
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depend more on their medical advisers, remembering that
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uses of food in the body, a very good idea of metabolism, and
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or fibro-caseous change. These minute, hard gray or grayish-yellow
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Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Man — The Physician and Tuberculosis —
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with the blood, or upon extension of tuberculous inflammation or ulcera-
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tion, as may be observed not only in different epidemics, but also in the
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of, technically called disgorgement. A man does this very
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them or stop them, and is therefore beneficial. There is one
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vessels and capillaries are literally blocked with phagocytes and blood-
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main a monument to his memory, both in his great volumes
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surgeon should look to the condition of the wound if one is present.
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Winternitz has obtained such good results from it that he regards
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fatigued is well brought out by later experiments of Vinaj and Mag-
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view. If the reader would approach the consideration of the subject
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and Kobinsun. Toronto, have been assigned to duty at IJasingstoke
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parts of vegetables in which chlorophyll has not been devel-
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good volume. Bronchitis may be present, the appetite is lost, and the
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perfect rest as it is possible to attain in the given case; and
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disease to rid Australia of her rabbit pest. The great advance
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In cases of average severity the general features are subordinate to
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only 88 were chorea and rheumatism associated. These in.stances may
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some trophic disturbance due either to the arthritis, or peripheral neur-
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533 in which intubation Avas performed the mortality was 25.9 per cent.,
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patients in advanced stages of the disease in the treatment of small-pox.
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The application of water for remedial purposes upon the important
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suspicious of outsiders, and particularly of doctors and medi-
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cerebral complications. It is a bacillus somewhat resembling that of
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hurt it. No one should eat the skin of any fruit; the rind
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