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652 WILBUR, .\DDis: urobilin: its clinical significance
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tration of a mercurial purge. The julministration of mercury in
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we can make an absolute diagnosis of gastric ulcer by x-ray examination.
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Pentimalli, F. (1). Studi sull' intossicazione proteica. I. Introduzione.
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the experimental evidence upon which the above work is based.
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repeatedly experienced its utility in both acute and chronic
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even yet not satisfactorily differentiated. In the paper from which we
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"The fatal result in infants is probably only another manifesta-
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clinical study of the patient and after a good radiograph has been obtained.
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alike clinically. But while it is true that petechise, sternal tender-
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such solid and valuable results. Within the past twenty-five years, however,
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subject. The really important feature of the paper, from a practical
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extension of the limb is often due only to relaxation of the flexors and the
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irregular fluctuations from day to day and from hour to hour in
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pigs and thereby produced a condition of acidosis demonstrable by a decreased
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after operation of any kind upon the thyroid gland, and even in
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strains of streptococci, the fixation is positive for three.
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and with very marked oscillations that one fails at times to obtain bacteria in the
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ganglion cells, corresponding in appearance with the cells of the sympa-
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added in the same proportion as in the urine but the dilutions had
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duct has followed simple ligation of the duct. They do not exclude
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decidedly different position from those representing the syphilitic
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The boy recovered from the operation and the bowels moved well on
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figures with those of other observers, Cramer notes that his show a marked
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repbrted, by Als and Sussdorf respectively. The writers record two more
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thoroughness as outlined above. There is, however, among the
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later 1011. Blood-examination showed leukocytes, 10,000; polymorpho-
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Mosso et Pellacani. Sur les fonctions de la vessie. Arch, ital de biol,
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and slightly asymmetrical in front, the left side being smaller than the right
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would be evoked. Digestion of the bacteria in vitro presents the endotoxin
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a hypermotility, but the author fails to support this view. (3) Tender
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up of a collection of small cells of various forms, filled with this
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cleaner, and there were other objective signs of improvement. In 3 cases
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the recurrent laryngeal nerve. He had always acted empirically and removed
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curves. This third line, the most important, is the one which is valuable
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Tender Cutaneous Nodules. These were found in only three
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motor co-ordination have been almost completely ignored. Perhaps an excep-
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urobilinogen was produced in decomposing bile we are inclined to
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The foregoing figures are given more to accord with conventional
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benzene, methyl red, p. nitrophenol, rosolic acid, or neutral red naphthol-
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group in the three larger categories is shown only in th*^ deaths