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280 Flint on the Treatment of Intermitting Fever. [October
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for the iemales. At Helsingtors they were all males, and the two
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served after death from delirium tremens than when death had
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improvement of the patient; on the contrary, some of our patients passed
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over the upper part of the sternum, appearing to arise from the periosteum; the
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Let us here say that there is no pain or other symptom
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By Henry G. Wright, M.D., M.R.C.P., Physician to the
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pitals^ or the constitutional differences between Asiatics and
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Neutral Ground. There was then no sickness either in Gibraltar
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any opinion. At Gibraltar it has been seen that the convicts suffered
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To this class belong 58 out of 215 cases, 45 males 13 females; 30 were over
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1 Marcd, mentioning their frequent coincidence (see nomber of thii < Review'
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has given place to general debility. !Finally, those who are of a
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with singular neatness and sprightliness. He is equally sprightly and facetious,
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tribes of animals, commencing with the lowest, noting at the
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But a more familiar effect of colon bacillus and allied
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time. The left leg now drags, and he cannot walk (with his stick)
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sickness could not be traced. The second case occurred, on the
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we call toxemia or auto-intoxication. When the metabo-
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digestive system to rid itself of the excess food packed
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In lieu of the superimposed disks which, according to this
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than the fifth or sixth rib on each side; this sound is the crepitating rattle, giving
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of scarlet fever; in two cases (7 and 11) hysteria-like symptoms; and
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of travelling will every day render more accessible."
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Lymphoid bodies were detected in most of tiie glandular struc-
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denuded to their whole extent. From the mouth there flowed in>
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case 6f complication is not quite clear, and in case 34 it was only
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thin and transparent, but of natural thickness in the rest of their extent.
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bowels or stomach, shall be largely mixed with the solution of
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like linen; (c) woo! does not feel clammy when the skin
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failed to find it in the whey of a cow and of a nurse to whom a
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While the discoloration of the gums is a very constant and early occurrence
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under and a little over twenty-eight inches). The air^ without
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" The third case, with a similar unfortunate ending, occurred in a
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and barking." Among other remedies, morphia was tried subcuta-
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and contracted state of the subconjunctival and submuscular fascia? resemble