beat,'' which is nearer the base the more fluid there is in the pericardium

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Treatment. — The treatment is directed towards the removal of the

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red inprolonged sieges or Arctic expeditions. Scurvy was common among

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found in the urine. The testicle of the affected side is retracted. As the

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occurs during the later stages of gonorrhea, or after the discharge has

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rule, for the temperature to rise from one-half to one and one-half

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eral arterial disease, as distinct from any renal disease, is fully accepted.

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may be established by ulceration through the lung into a bronchial tube,

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der ; if its presence is accompanied by slight colicky

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against the slightest exposure to changes in temperature during convales-

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143. Cortex of kidney in chronic parenchjanatous nephritis 605

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First. — That typhus fever is due to a specific poison.

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with which the tumor reappears after apparently all of the diseased

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8. Syphilis in the mother is much more dangerous to the child. She

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Symptoms. — At first the symptoms are those of a local inflamma-

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x-ray examination, will enable the physician to make a correct diagnosis.

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Approaching gangrene is indicated by an intense burning pain, and the

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in adults is exceedingly rare. Sometimes a fever, attended by typhoid

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they are soft and friable ; later they become tough, smooth, and fibrous.

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seat of hyperplasia. Atheroma of the ophthalmic arteries has been

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tion at a weak point. Stimulation of the spinal origin of the nerves to

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nitis may remain after the typhlitis has disappeared, but if peritonitis has

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edges, beginning at their base and extending toward their apex. So ad-

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growths occur in the liver, but are only of pathological interest.

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most powerful of these antiseptics is corrosive sublimate and it is per-

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repeated as often as it can be without producing unpleasant symptoms.

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a piece of the artery when none of the coats is absent. The vessel

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tions are contra-indicated. If constipation or urinary defects are pres-