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There are approximately 8,550 licenses physicians practicing in South Carolina. Currently, 5,492 are

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Congress and their staffs. We must change course on this

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opportunity. We must plan well, spend wisely and work for the health and well being of all South Carolin-

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manners, or morals. There are bad students and men in every

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Eugene Smith profiled the life of a country doctor in

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“Most of the kids are malnourished because of worms.”

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McBride D: Malpractice Claims and the Quest for Perfection,

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The BMFP is “one of a kind,” says Harris, in that it

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The right bronchus has a more nearly vertical course than the

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and, as in my cases the relief from severe suffering was so decided,

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Pseudoaddiction: Pattern of drug-seeking behavior of pain patients who are receiving inadequate pain management

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