Department of Medicine. Responsibilities will include

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at the utmost, the nature of the case clearly established.

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sincerely indebted to them for this privilege and will con-

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but we have a natural hesitation in making calls upon them which

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island. The south-east end. Salt Ponds, has no road from the other

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ance of books, notes, or communication with any other person. The answers

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insanity, phthisical insanity, etc., there are mental phenomena which

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of Food Hypersensitivity. Immunol and Aller Clin of

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admitted into the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary on the 29th of April

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April 28. After having given tincture of digitalis internally in

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rectum plug to wear ; but, day after day, he complained that he

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Unreliable practice management software exposes you to a lot: lost billing, lost

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authorities quoted, from Hippocrates down to Graves and Cheyne,

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using a small pointed piece of wood to wound the rectum, and so

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this year (in Bloomington and St. Paul) can help some

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years, since the disease is still potentially curable

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of the rough, stumpy vegetation covering the upper surface of the

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Annales d'Ocnlistique, — July, August. of England, — No. 14.

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was no incontinence, nor was the urine unhealthy. He resisted

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Ovaritis is a disease upon which morbid anatomy has thrown

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here in passing, that had there been no Portuguese on the island

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who have not, any review possible here would be utterly insufficient

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perate. For the past twelve months he has had great difficulty in

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In all these epidemics one common character has been no-

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So much for tlie mental signs. As regards the bodily, there may

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ment on the French method of treating wounds, but was very diflfi-

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position it would not move. The right shoulder was caught in the

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is so overcrowded as to be dangerous to health, shall regulate the

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often b;\ffled. Even when we are in the most favourable circum-

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suff'ered from well-marked diphtheritic sore throat. In all of them