meteorological and telluric conditions already indicated as necessary ;
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and when both exist the former is usually the further advanced.
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limited, an attempt may be made to remove the diseased tissue by scraping.
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The patient is seized with sneezing and a hot watery discharge pours
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ed in Italy and Germany from the year 171 1 to 1714, and ^|
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purposes, it may be advantageous to give a flesh tint to the paraffin,
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marrow, is confined to the vessels, there is to be found another pigment —
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fatigue and fever, when the iiatient begins to walk again, are
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this treatment when his son had rheumatic fever. It is certain that
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receptaculum seminis. The ova, 0*06 mm., are smooth, have a double
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It is possible that bacilli may be actually present in such material, and
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will, of course, be unavailing if the etiological agent is found to be any
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creatic juice can cause necrosis of fat, but the origin of fat necrosis is not
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normal menopause, "or else to their surgical removal. It is in
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corpuscles have been ruptured, fragmented plasmodia, or even entire
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*' ate relief; the glands of the fauces being cleared.
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period of life, and not that there is any actual antagonism between them.
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Urinary symptoms — There are no special urinary symptoms unless
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and then is of no particular importance. Occasionally in such cases,
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post-]n-andial digestive siesta is regarded as laziness.