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] . Source: Physician Drug and Diagnosis Audit (PDDA), November 1996— October 199/, Scott-Levin,

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cause of invaliding, no detailed history of the case is forwarded.

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prospective payment system (PPS) for home health services. The final regulation governing this section of the

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cussions with our fine editor, Dr. Charles Bryan, we have elected

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medical data through TOUCH SCREENS will code and document your Patient

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persons (workers and others) during 90° and higher

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third or fourth day, a dressing of zinc ointment is to be substituted

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harm. Addiction may also be referred to by terms such as '‘drug dependence” and “psychological dependence.” Physi-

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cancer of two months' standing. The case had been recommended

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examine you for heart disease to see whether IMITREX is appropriate for you. Risk factors

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drachms chloral, made with hard soap and honey, very useful when

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extensive crushing of the tarsus, from the fall of a stone weighing

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group in a dynamic, progressive practice. In addition to its

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firm, like cheese — yellowish, opaque, its outer surface vascular, and

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splint having passed through it, I examined it, and found no trace of

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Dr. Dan Brake on the Council on Legislation, and Dr. Robert Sade on the Council on Ethical and Judicial

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Dr. Lillehei also contributed to the design of four

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providing quality care and utilizing the newest procedures and

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It is to be noted that consolidation is not a necessary consequence

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Because of this deep emotional attachment, almost all

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mother of eight or nine children, who had taken chloroform in all

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tions to your Medicaid program representative at (803)

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well enough to start their transition back to the commu-

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tor, 615 South Mill Street, Fergus Falls, MN 56537, 800/

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6d. ; ten years, lis. Assistant-surgeon, after ten years, 10s.; five years, Ss. ;