Chaffin JA: Safety and Quality Concerns Related to the Use
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the patient self-refers or is referred by a relative or friend.
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Concerning diarrhoea of a feigned or factitious nature, brief notice
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refugees, who will share their perspectives and expe-
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broad authority to contract with private entities to perform
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3. Kaplan AP: Urticaria and angioedema. In Allergy:
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medication abuse or have a history of substance abuse, the physician may employ the use of a written agreement
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and networking are just a few examples. Be a part of our success!
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This little work is intended, as its title implies, mainly for the use
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1309, Minneapolis, MN 55440-1309. FAX: (612) 883-5395. For more
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increased health care use for this group. Immunization
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numbness at night in the side or part on wliich he lies in bed, and
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We hope that the AMA Foundation will be an important part of your year. Contributions to the AMA
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physicians who are authorized under state laws to bar-
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of loss of consciousness, often attended by convulsions.
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It is hard to realize that a year has come and gone so quickly! For the last eleven months I have tried to bring to
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