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Brown-S^quard thinks that there are two modes of reflex action

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to all the chemical elements or indecomposable substances, each

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left. The result of this experiment led I)r Berlin to conclude that

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and pregnancy-type steroids. Unfortunately for consum-

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out of the vagina. The getting access to the pedicle is a matter of

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in pills, which, repeated daily for two or three successive days,

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hope of adventure. Are we merely medicating boyhood?

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deaths during this period was nearly 1,400. (Source: National

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notion of intellectual property in many disparate high-

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Patients Are Taking? A Survey of Herbal Use, May, 14.

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dressed with the sulphurous acid wash. The stump healed without

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which present some of the features of chronic mania, monomania,

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Hallberg J: The Brave New World Is No Utopia, March, 51.

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III. Mr Annandale also showed a BOY, illustrating an example'

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and the line of the wound runs between this and the fourchette, its

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causes. This, in fact, is what is meant when we speak of sym-

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nor where erysipelas is prevailing in or about the place of residence.

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* Sessions that receive SCMA CME credit are indicated with shading.

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places where their minds can go vacant. Some escape

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the slightest toucii of the knife, contraction came on, and the pari-

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Chronic users generally have very poor social skills,

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speaking, are medicated chronically for mental ill-

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welfare of the nation. A social movement to reduce infant

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Dr Duncan said he remembered attending a young lady a long

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tions (as in case 101) it produced no good effects whatever, I have

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that drew upon other insights similar to Bogart’s to

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