words: "May 24, 1882. Premature labor induced at seventh
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contaminated by the urine and the faeces. When blood
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lesions Qi flat or spongy bones: Oval or oblique perfora-
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and ability, and his success was immediate. In 1869 he received the
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The wounded man, transported at once to the rear^ and
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general mental weakness, the inability to think deeply, the constant sense
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behind, he was given two teaspoonfuls more ; but no sign of any
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Dr. McGuire 's preliminary education consisted in a Junior Leav-
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lines, and presented one of the causes of disease of the convo-
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W. A. Haupt, Chemnitz, Prussia. E. S. Bailey, Chicago, 111.
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Episcopal Academy of Connecticut. He entered upon the study of
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resembling earthy mould as nearly as can be described.
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phrase, whether it is not only determined, but pre-determined,
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in the scientific deparlment of Cornell University. Being
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and the corresponding articular surface. It is a remarkable
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"The Treatment of the Suppurative Stage of Osteitis of Hip" (Supplemented
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difficult discharge of dry, yellowish-green mucus, with weak or
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The chief progress amongst ourselves has been, as it ever
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ical Association, the American Medical Association, the Pathological
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Prof, Betts has held the position of Gynecologist to the
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nemannian must not only conform in his choice of remedy with
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Cumberland, and was mustered out of service at the close
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the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia, was born
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philosophical meaning of the word, as opposed to materialism,
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ber of his city, county and district medical societies, and was president
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casioned by grief, she was deprived of mental power to such an
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had not conquered the prejudices of the world. However,
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period. . . . The question may now arise, Whence the pain,
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mation of the bowels (entero-colitis) has been supposed to exist
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raised this branch of medicine to the dignity of a specialty,
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of the bean, from which it derives its characteristic odor. This
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career he has at various times filled many important posi-
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While in the medical schools in the year 1862 and 1863 he was made
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little hospital of his own, and with the humblest of poor
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at the University Medical School, and was graduated by
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more ordinary accidents of civil life. The symptoms indicative
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and which may be sinned against with no greater risk than that
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in the walls of the blood vessels are, however, of great importance, as they
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— is to be regarded in the light of a free will, or whether what
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may seem to them blasphemous to the code — in some such
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ciples, and it is greatly through his efforts that the two