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Thornton & Thorne give the medical comm unity something to think about this month.

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ence, — August. Philadelphia Medical Times, — Aug. 15 to

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join our 75-physician multispecialty group. Great oppor-

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ache, flu-like illness, fever, and chills in the first 30 days

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an all-day open house starting at 9:00 a.m. on July 5.

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The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association

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Nichol KL: Influenza Vaccination for Healthy Working

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reference should be given in the text, and permission should

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masses of round cells which he characterizes as lymphatic tissue.

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blood and pus. The eye gradually shrank without the annoyance

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because in every inspiration it descends, while the heart is raised ;

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of sugar of lead, of tannic or of gallic acid, and what was absorbed

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1500 Irving Street, Alexandria, MN 56308. Phone: 320/

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subjects, viz. : — Anatomy, Surgery, Physiology or Institutes of Medicine, Prac-

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derangement which in the acute form is sometimes relieved by

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Though these terms, in Pinel's understanding of them, covered

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also, which is both a comparatively scarce substance in nature, and

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27. Reece AB. Editorial: an epitaph for retrolental fibroplasia. Am

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gangrene, and to assume that we would get rid of these dreadful

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but in many women fatness of the anterior abdominal wall may

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some persons, and some states of the system, inimical to anaesthe-

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consistent leadership in seeking to ban the weapon.

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particulars of this case ; but in a scientific point of view it is fully discussed in

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In a brief introduction, he gave his views on the anatomy of car-