entire perineum are at length brought, not anatomically, but func-

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and cardiac failure unresponsive to conventional therapy

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* Reynolds's System of Medicine, vol. ii., article Cliorea, p. 138.

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dent and a medical student— that are nominated by the

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of such difficult construction out of its elements, that the chemist

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' This occurred in a primipara, who had been in labour for five days pre-

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neither development nor maintenance can be carried on, and de-

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enter the market in rural areas. It’s simply a matter of

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therapeutic agent. It is necessary now to notice its employment

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In order to ensure a policy that compliments that of the

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Royal College of Preceptors. — Examination for a First Class Certificate.

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This, perhaps, is very generally the ease, but it is not necessarily

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Digitalis; its Mode of Action, and its Use. By J. J^Iilner

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It will be understood that I am not writing an account of general

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TACT: Registrars, Mayo Foundation, Section of Continu-

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Although Dr. Lillehei initially thought that the pacemaker

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the Ben R. Sischy Professor of Humane Medicine. He is

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means of observation were very far behind that perfection they have

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delivered by cajsarean section. Moreover, the patient, as often

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neither less characteristic nor less grave. This form of progressive

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importance and uniqueness of the findings and briefly list

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the touch of this material irritant, with the removal of the cause

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them in their work, Elliott notes. Thus, Paxil can be

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These startling figures he believes to be too favourable for ether

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Fracture of the third and fourth ribs on the right side. Rupture of

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• Establishing effective local medical regulation;

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Tobacco Phase II money was for reimbursement of increased health care costs related to tobacco-related

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tric artery or some of its branches may be cut ; but such an accident

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Copyright® 2000 by the South Carolina Medical Association. All rights reserved. The views expressed in this publication are those of the writers

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" A similar series of experiments has been made, in which phy-

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are held at the Government Programs Complex. This is