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preparation of tissues for diagnosis, instructions 200

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large. Finally, the defect in the interventricular septum is so placed

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rence in North America). By Richabd P. Stbono, M. D.

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Fig. 1. — Diaphragm (X200) showing light, dark and intermediate

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manifest. The patient’s future life may be altered

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Some work was also done in Santa Barbara County. Herds known

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fever, rash and Weil-Felix reactions is shown in figure

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Till' iisniN ulisiTM,! artif ilir ii'innv.-il i.r iliininiitinn ol" liver t'nmMi'.r.

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13. ♦Collevillb: "Malformation cong^nitale de Poesophage.'^

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33. Swinton, N. W.. and Higginbotham, J.: The Diagnosis

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drawal pains are absent. No Hyoscine or rapid withdrawal

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may mean that we accept a fact the existence of which is antipodal

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lined in 1946 of assisting county medical societies in ar-

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lia\iiii,' a dilTcrent appearance from those of ordinary stroma cells.

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action be taken by county medical societies. We are

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Ned F did not have much to do with the B^s but sometimes played with

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portion of the reducing substance could be recovered by hydrolysis.

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scars presents the usual deformity around a mass of hyaline fibrous tissue.

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Hut wo must not lie too iiasty in concludiiiv from these experiments that

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Presented at the 89th Annual Session of the Missouri State

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From these experiments the following conclusions may be drawn :

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her mules to sell on those markets in competition with those raised in

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have been noticed in any patients.”'” “In our opinion, reactions

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of dextrose, does not alter the reducing properties of the perfused

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room at about 65® F. Other cheeses were held one week to two weeks

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tlie same time for tlic possession of the final crmnion path, confusion of

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creamery in a sweet condition give much the best results for storage

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McBryde ^* (1903) has shown that the addition of paraffin to egg-

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contain no dyes, chemicals, preservatives, or ingredients which render meats or meat-food

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The Report of the Autopsies in Two Cases Dving in the Gynecological

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liquid abscess the size of a teacup, circumscribed by a thick capsule. Indications of

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of involvement of the pituitary gland in a person previously not glyco-

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occupational conditions. These are financed by pre-

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^1, ,ii:) r. ■■! I ,iiN 1 ll'. .. •. ■"rli

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