the fourth edition of this work (six years), I have observed many cases which

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end in recovery, as well as in those which end fatally. These results

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ribs. No anterior mediastinum was apparent. The right lung

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ease produce the diathesis, or do they act solely by producing the cachexia,

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I saw the patient in consultation, and then made the following

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in the spring (236) exceeding the lowest in the summer (214)

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is sufHciently provided for in the other instruments which have been de-

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fat passed was not all'ected ])y the amount of fatt}' food. In a case

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being sharpl}' delined. It is an extremely grave affection when circum-

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sory or prodromic events, the symptoms which accompany the access, and

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removal of the liquid. The first stage, or the period anterior to an appre-

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in advancing age, and the enlarged area of the arterial branches occasioned

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modic croup. The first of the four varieties is true croup, and the other

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of uneasiness in the mind of both patient and physician, and for

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from a tropical climate, the disease was associated with dj^sentery. Acute

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tients with this disease have been snatched from impending death by this

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often found after death in cases of puhnonar}- tu])crcukjsis. The portions

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action or pigmentation, but seems to influence immedi-

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charge of those claiming his attention in the house, he attended

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libations of cold water, intense moral emotions, w^ere supposed to produce

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ance rendered on several occasions during the prevalence of the

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Disease, and the several Grounds of Individuality — Varieties of a Disease — Defini-

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tary discharges, retention of urine, and total loss of sensation

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The discussion of the relative treatment of fractures by long

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setisitive and impulsive disposition led him to shrink from the

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monary hypertrophy with dilatation of the heart. Con-

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tina ; medulla cells^ and myeoloplaxes^ cells in the marrow of bones, etc.