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requires further information on the subject, he may apply to me for particulars,

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antiseptic is left to act as a chemical tissue-irritant itself. This is

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Even wh6re the murmur has been very loud, rough, and persistent,

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28th. — At 10 A.M. was still in the state of trance, and had been so

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procured sleep for a general paralytic by large doses of the hydrate

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March. Scirrhous Cancer. — Total number, 187, of which 178 were

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ease are inveighed against from mistaken views as to their theolo-

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penicillin, including 13% classified as penicillin-

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In Minnesota, local humane societies are responsible

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bonizing the manure removed, a constant supply is secured.

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hours; Lung — four to six hours; Pancreas — twelve

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Hennepin County Medical Center • Continuing Medical Education

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been shown to be wrong in every point, yet the treatment founded

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For more on medical patents, see “ Patents Pending:

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The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association

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confronted with such an approach feel a loss of identity.

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at the time of the accident. Yet I thirdc a successful result can be

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cians who are extraordinarily involved in their pa-

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may be neither maniacal, nor melancholic, nor demented. We may

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