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Auxiliary (Alliance), cosponsored by the Department of Social Services, the Department of Health & Envi-

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With 19 hospitals and 53 clinics throughout Minnesota and western

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cluding child survival. One in seven Ugandan children

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ward, fixed at some distance above the floor. Afterwards, stretch-

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Hepatitis B vaccine that does not contain thimerosal as a

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Second edition. London: J. and A. Churchill : 1871. Pp.176.

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irritation involved in the varied traction to which the sore has been

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paraphernalia. Paying careful attention to these clues

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outcomes that will reflect the viability of traditional and

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pre-adolescents. In this population, inhalant use may be

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with it, or to the exclusion of air as air containing oxygen. Now

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Dec. 6-10 Team Management of Diabetes Institute for

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and alienation. Is the feeling of alienation described by

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Akticlk II. — Notes of a Case of Ovarian Disease — Ascites —

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attacks excited by local irritation at various points of the respiratory

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molecular change as a particle in atomic activity from another

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the S.C. Statehouse. Jan McKellar and Aaron Kozloski were instrumental in the planning and

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mental disease so that they may decide if they wish any

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" On making Horse-shoes ; " " On Clips, Calkins, and Toe Pieces ; "

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An Update on the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.

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than in the adult. They receive their blood from the bronchial arteries

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for the 2000-2001 influenza season. There may also be a

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at less than recommended levels), or regular activ-

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requires to be mentioned. On economical grounds, as well as on

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tom chloral is contraindicated, must be received with some quali-

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outpatient, and maternity care. We offer a highly competi-

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consequently the effused fluids have a tendency to fall away by their

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id T. Bjork, M.D., or Jim Wilkus, Administrator, 615

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person. The medical officer of the district has three times received