fever rests upon the association of the signs of local trouble in the

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ago his symptoms became much more aggravated, while training at

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T/as compressed. Such being the fact, it follows that this matter was deposited


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systolic, 75 diastolic. The bowels are usually constipated. The urine

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deaths. The serum should always be injected slowly and the con-

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parents with the manifestations of a precocious intellect, his health is neglected,

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been injected through the skin into the right jugular vein. In one

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Lasdy I may mention the result obtained by a committee of the Academy

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Botez . Bull. Soc. d. med. et nat. de Jassy, 1908, xxii, 133.

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the touch; but there is no appreciable thickening of this part, nor is there, as yet,

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currence, and hence may with propriety be classed, in a certain sense,

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The patient was in a very serious condition. Following the in-

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air-dry, when it is fixed over the flame, and several drops of Giemsa

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advocates of the opposite view, and not a little increased by their con-

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The reason why mediastinal growths produce precisely similar

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of the heart. A very singular case of the former kind, is recorded

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The symptoms of all the others were immediately mitigated by its use, and

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in the washings from the nasopharynges of the parents of a child

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ditions the opalescence indicating growth about the tissue fragment

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