Discission of the Os Externum. — Ros>t:r {Centralblatt fur Gyndkologie,
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Truby, Williard F., Major, Medical Corps. Ordered to
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ago, characterized Continental clinics, the statements in the foregoing paper
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tion in the upper ciliary region was correct, and that had I proceeded
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the work, which are also to be boiled before leaving.
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of ptosis. This may be simulated by a conjunctivitis or trachoma, common
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finally, it would not be better on the whole to treat conservatively all wounds
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mg m age from twenty to thirty years, from seventeen states, and representing the products of twenty-one
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sion to the hospital, where he really came for convalescence,
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stition,'" really present a startling family resem-
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left abdominal region. In May the symptoms were of pleuritis. In July
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much commoner on the trunk than on any other region. The back, the
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the results of an exhaustive study of chorioepithe-
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mental disease is so insidious in its onset, and the
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With these few general observations on the disease and its regional
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ology OF THE Human Spinal Cord. By Theodor Kocher. 8vo.,
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Neurasthenia, six cases. Increase solar plexus; rest of abdomi-
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papillomatous vegetations from one-half millimetre to one millimetre in
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basis will usually effect a cure. In adults an opera-
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from the normal accompanying symptoms, which are not due to impure lymph,
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tournament, Chicago, 111. ; reported for duty at Camp
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the Talmudists. as cited by Bauhinus. assert that the
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public sentiment was turned in her favor and she became
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when the patient died from the effects of a cold contracted three weeks pre-
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operation prove that the uterus may be maintained in a good position, but it
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it told positively that we had. to deal with a Vin-
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respiration, 24. Patient was markedly emacizited, but of
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Department of this Journal are only received with the distinct understanding that they
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ministration of chloroform was discontinued the temperature sank below
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infection than in the first instances, and yet several
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time. He had also had, during his year's residence in
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even if too badly hurt for ultimate recovery, it might for a time do some of
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adhesive pericarditis, with secondary ventricular dilatation and thick-
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the patient to the ward, and a thermometer placed in the rectum for
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