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Before long, he strode into the x-ray lab where I was

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number of prescription narcotics and tranquilizers. But

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Traite de Therapeutiqae et de Matiere Medicate, tome seconde, p. 582.

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the finances necessary to sustain the Plan through 2000

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ans Affairs is an equal opportunity employer. 2-12/99

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mercially available screening panels are available,

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change took place in the symptoms of her mental disorder towards

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are of great importance in shaping the prognosis and in guiding

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unorganizable material ; but it is truly no such thing : at least, I

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Plateau of IgG dependent on amount of allergen administered

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Assessment/Evaluation ♦ Residential, Day & Outpatient

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of vision, and imagined that she saw spirits. After being resident

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19th century pathologists’ contribution of morpho-

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