Michigan Medicine: Y2K: What U Need 2 Know, April, 42.
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each molecule of C5H4 would be dissymmetrical, and therefore
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each pole, which also belonged to the molecule during its genesis,
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ployees, and obtained estimates of product sales. The
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He says, " The hope and the way of advance in our knowledge of
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on extensive experience. Dr West's language is perhaps slightly
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exists with cheesy deposits ; (Z») Those in which it exists alone.
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which existence lias been awarded or permitted to this, or any order
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qualified, neutral organizations. Second, sanctions
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the system of fagging, as it used to be carried out in some of our
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tinal canal produce ; but probably the opinion of Dr Radcliffe, as
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ing list of potential transplant patients in the United
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who would certify Hef’s need to go all night. For millions
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stroke in asymptomatic persons with cervical arterial
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the NMDP and conduct a free search of the volunteer
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the society served on the Health Care Assessment Imple-
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placed in them. They are not responsible for the treatment of patients
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providing quality patient care and contracts with third-
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treme gravity. The little fellow had been endeavouring to climb
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questions, please contact DHEC’s Immunization Division
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“Yes, we can eliminate E. coli from hamburger with
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association between high meat consumption and pros-
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to Articles of the Materia Medica. By Edward John Waking,
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is at the point of maximum muscle fatigue. Most of the
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capacity of a child. He is easily amused, and is often as easily
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localized prostate cancer: JUrol., 1977; 117:197-201.
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should be used only to treat an actual migraine attack. IMITREX can be obtained only with a
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When Don Asp vacations, he likes to surround himself
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