jectural. How far poisonous substances prove irritant by their chemical agency,
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Dover's powder, and directed the same to be repeated the next day. On the third
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And could a graft with such dubious existence be stimulated to
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second relates to haemorrhage after the operation. More stress is
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can be no question. A most striking and beautiful example of this
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of Schlect and Schwenke have also been repeated in rabbits,
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argument, which deserves a refutal. Supposing that this child was
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was marked tenderness to pressure just below the costal margin, where
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A few words on the correspondence between the reporter and M.
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point of the penis. They exist in tlie corpus spongiosum urethra!', especially to-
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6. Baumgarten. Zeitsch. f. exper. Path, und Ther., 1906, ii, p. 53.
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to a fairly normal typhoid course. Although the Widal test was still
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October 1. Hemorrhage occurred in night and today several times.
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many, we might say most, of the clinical cases which have been the emanations
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Dr. G. H. Whipple: Blood serum from eclamptic patients will
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&c., and to take no nourishment except a little whey or barley water, a few
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Practical experience with this and other methods very quickly
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As to the precise character of the pulmonary lesions: 28 cases
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When one excludes pulmonary infarcts as an explanation of these
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the other where the symptoms were definitely localized, usually
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medical constitution of the season is likewise occasionally opposed to the abstrac-
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for a week past he had had a slight cough, without expectoration,
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winter and spring varies from 6^.67 to 18°.42; whilst in the excessive cli-
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natural difl'erence of consistence of the tissue on which it takes place,
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respiratory organs strongly corroborates this opinion. The strangu-
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and the superior extremity of the sternum Avere in close approxima-
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occupv its upper portion, or the neck of the bladder; — nor have I
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the doctrine which refers to all diseases a local origin — which teaches, in other
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are still living. My general impression of hospital and dispensary