body of young men, and are not in any way inferior in intellect,

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subject ; unfortunately, the same simple means of cure so efficacious

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He says, " The hope and the way of advance in our knowledge of

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of wellbeing." They have millions of billions of money, thou-

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Case 2. — Margaret Ross Avas an inmate of Ward XIII. for a

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are unlikely to lose this, but reevaluation after strict

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to accept treatment, was to use police to forcibly evict him

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Moving PCN out of the headquarters building has given

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ful grave-yards of Marseilles, Pisa, Nice, and Malta, and bitter

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This workshop is intended to allow you the convenience of receiving information directly from the govern-

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weeks, whereas the medical officer of the Privy Council has dis-

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doubling of the two primary and all -important elements has neces-

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for cases are known in which women have been poisoned while in

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symptoms of rabies. Indeed, a rabies epidemic struck

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require to improvise everything — napkins, pads, splints of straw

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nosis, and end by giving the scheming patient a good deal more

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said to be contraindicated, our author concludes that we can only

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(including ischemic bowel disease or Raynauds syndrome), or any sort of heart disease or

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months. — Ed.] A circumscribed pneumonia of this kind may be very

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suppose that contraction of the bloodvessels can be produced only

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Orangeburg is the new President of the American Medical Association and is the first South Carolinian to

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needlessly each year from the “diseases of poverty,”

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punity." Again, " the water-closets, house-drains, and sewers in

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place in the family and in the world. Anthrozoos 1986;1:137-9.

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information we coula obtain only by special returns from each

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we could do. We’ve forgotten that. A sabbatical is a

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ical School, Department of Surgery; Willey Hall, Universi-

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however, it would not have this effect on the abdominal secretions

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cater to the unique needs of the medical profession:

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in the soldier, and so we find it is ; and from what we have said of

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process, retains, contrary to what is observed in the chronic form

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And when we speak of diphtheria, we take it, not by itself, but as a

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Laparoscopic methods of hernia repair like the ten-

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The Lexington Medical Center is a provider in the Phy-