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a species. Influences to which Man is subject — a. Purely physical, or

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I. Candidates commencing Professional Study after September 16,

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adoption of this Report, perhaps because I have been considered in

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College, 1.30 p.m.— Charing Cross, i p.m. — Lock (Clinical Demon-

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section three of this ordinance, shall, in addition to the examining-fee,

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the opinion of the Examiners sufficient merit be evinced, the Candidate

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+ Tweedie's Library 0/ Medicine, vol. iv, p. 178, no date, but last vol. of series,

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One thousand seven hundred physicians and students have inscribed

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evening ; but for six or eight weeks before that she had to rise once or

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There is no doubt that the Governments of the North German Con-

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had in some respects been arduous ; but the striking unanimity

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slept for an hour or two. At 9 p.m., as no urine had been passed, a

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out on a level with the nipple, but four inches externally to it. For a

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so far as we can ascertain, as follows. In the various hospitals through-

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work and to its obvious usefulness, to excuse my not waiting for any

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very sad case that happened in Edinburgh. A young and beautiful

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the Ophthalmic, Dental, and Aural Surgeons, also give clinical and

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The bromide of potassium had not received as fair a trial as it deserved

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the Seamen's Hospital Society, and Mr. W. Jolmson Smith Surgeon

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"I. M. Cahen, rue de Crenelle, met son h6tel a la disposition des

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2. Dr. \V. H. Axford (Bridgewater), On Syphilitic Paralysis ; 3. Dr.

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the commencement of the year was 585, and 162 were committed dur-

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during the progress of the fever are most active agents in the spread of

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necessity was recognised by the society nearly twelve months ago ; and,

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The inaugural address of the winter session was given by Mr. B. Wills

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grows is, of course, the replacement of the one more or less false idea

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Committee had made arrangements for visiting Derwentvvater Lake and

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are open to competition amongst gentlemen educated at the Hospital,

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a private bank. Tlie contagious wards were not so completely iso-

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gree or more in many cases. The whole tendency of the use of such an

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amples of opacity of the cornea ; but they belong to two distinct classes,

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defeats the object which they have in view. We need only refer, for

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tend to show, is now a question of opinion ; but there are many

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batants not only fight with better heart, knowing that, if disabled, a

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candidate for election. I have been induced to adopt this course in

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which may legitimately interfere for the public protection.

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with malignant tumour. Measured by their power of infecting near and

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api^arent in the present war. Since lS66, the Association for the

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Secretaries, Dr. T. S. Cobbold, F.R.S., F.L.S., Thos. J. Moore, H.

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