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5 Cton, E. de 1900 In Richet's Dictionnaire de Physiologic, p. 774.

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Aorta," in Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, No. III. An. 1832.

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tom common to many affections. There may be little or no febrile move-

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in which it is fibro-plastic or sarcomatous, and in cases of cholesteotoma,

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ods were employed which required caution. In view of the pai^

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of health for a considerable period after the occurrence of paralysis and

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placenta had been attached. The two conditions already

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that ran nearly transversely across to below the middle of the

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presence of the feces in the rectum is not infrequently lost, and alter a

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jectured that rheumatic inflammation may attack the meninges of the

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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis requires but a brief consideration. The

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poorer classes supply the greatest share ; but they differ greatly

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Other facts relating to differences as regards the symptomatology And

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nerve in its passage through the cribriform plate. One enters

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approi)riate to continue to use the name cerebro-spinal meningitis, and to

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treatment to cold applications. To my great satisfaction, the

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are given in table 3. In place of the percentage of gain of the

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granular matter. Other microscopical appearances, such as uric-acid

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measure addressed to the throat affection. He states that in his practice

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me, voluntarily, that she w\as taught to masturbate at six years of age,

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ment. Abstinence from articles of diet containing oxalic acid is to be

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> Op. cit. Vide Analytical Review in British and Foreign Medico-Chir. Review,

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but the latter is often incidental to disorder of the sj^stem otherwise pro-

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: practice, it still is snfliciently complete for all ordi-

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