Art of Midwifery " was hailed as the best treatise on the subject that

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treatment of diseases of the skin." To these, it will be observed,

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mucous coat, by a process similar to the reproduction of lost parts.'' Coste

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know these facts in the practice of auscultation and percussion, and in the

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This book, in forty- three chapters, is, as the author says, writ-

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knee during the day. He died, surviving the operation only six hours."

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the disease. Aside from these, there were no particular nervous

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atropine, leech the outer canthus freely, apply a cold

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Dr. Parrott prefers the ligature method to either the White-

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are endeavoring to overcome — thinning of the abdominal walls

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tracheotomy are all enriched by the detail of illustrative cases, which

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ently never entered the mind of Physiologists, at least they

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convince the most doubting of the truthfulness of the above

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pressure, not in lesion of tissue, and then paralysis, and not spasm

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care and caution, and some experience in the treatment of uterine disease.

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and available in an ecclesiastical court than in medical ethics. In

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The fibers arising as above described soon gather to form a baud

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Now, considering the peculiar relation of platina to electric-

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read, which was lost, and the motion recurring to refer the report, it

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factorily, except the four already mentioned ; and if these crude thoughts

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tion, but are to be avoided by the delicate and dyspeptic. Cab-

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ent to take a greater interest in it and to investigate it so fully as

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sherry is added, with ' sugar, coloring matter, and flavor-

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was found fractured and slightly carious. A transverse incision three

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point of parallelism remains to be described. The discovery by

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verse of this, he prognosticated recovery from the disease, and

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difficulty in moving the shoulder by its presence, but in the ad-

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a rock, and can be used for ligating arteries, torsion, dressing, etc. ;

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discharges take place. Even granting the opinions entertained by

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