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prevention becomes of great importance in these condi-
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bine it with caffeine, sodium bromide, and sodium citrate, this
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tion program is a service program to the physician.
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Control of Cancer, which will be presented under the
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American Medical Association’s House of Delegates.
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68. Selye, Hans; Collip, J. B., and Thomson, D. L. : Fur-
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weed plants and ragweed patches, and I think you get
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value and merits of the auxiliary movement and more
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number of alveoli behind the obstruction will not be
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Cases in which death of the foetus has been caused by some sudden
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ever is the lesser) but not to exceed $150,000 in a
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hemorrhage of right mandibular and cervical regions;
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15. Betlach, C. J.: Proc. Staff Meet., Mayo Clin. 13 : 189
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there was an urticarial eruption on the face, neck,
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Guard certificate of registration. Further require-
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great boon to mankind, but at the same time we should not
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founded. In truth, it sometimes, from i^ spirit of generalization, Beren
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relief miglit well be lost if the attempts at securing
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metallic foreign bodies in ringlike distribution in left
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External ApplicaHon of Cold. — This is considered, by some writers,
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hazy and indefinite.” Blood count showed R. B. C.
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ber of a religious order, was admitted to the hospital
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the patient immediately after the injury has the best
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search of the literature reveals that neuroblastomas
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of cities, was referred for publication, when the Association adjourned to
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Council endorse the principle that the State Health
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{Transcripts of the dedication addresses will he found
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allergy, as well as for the specialist searching for
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The rapid course of events in this patient’s ill-
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failure to apply knowledge to the control of cancer
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creased salary costs. We have been feeling the pres-
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pulley to one end of the table in a footward direc-
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45. Hisaw, F. L. ; Meyer, R. K., and Fevold, H. L. :
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