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bearing it may have on the origin of certain races of dwarfs and of certain
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condition. The changes described by Stockman suggest either chronic
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The larynx and neighboring tissues in angioneurotic Gedema.
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a aay). An important aid in all cases is fresh air, due precaution being
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The tonic condition of the sphinctei' is controlled by the vas;us nerve,
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pelvis, and humerus. The tumor in the bone may grow very slowly, lasting
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down the dose when the full effects or untoward effects are noticed. No
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three daughters have been greatly annoyed with vasomotor disturbances
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or pyuria is explained at once. The routine employment of the three-glass
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chronic inflammatory process. Bacteriological findings, however, have
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Prognosis. — Simple goitre is usually a chronic disease. Acute goitres,
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changes in the blood have been described — haemoglobinaemia with irregularity
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