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I. Hot Bath. — The first feeling on entering the hot bath
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recently come into more extended use. They have even been adopts
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some cases, without material injury, are almost astounding, considering
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employed, and received the highest commendation from various respect-
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More, however, might sometimes be given with safety and probable ad-
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dry, as they do when very long kept, the medicine is wholly useless.
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properties, it w^ill, in reference to these, he treated of in connection withi]
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very little comparative influence on the circulation, but a powerful ac-
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difficult pulverization, of a strong, peculiar, narcotic, yet fragrant odour,
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the cutaneous excitement that is produced here; the current lieing pre-
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ing matter, or an aromatic principle. They are therefore all
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be snuffed up into the nasal passages, is sometimes beneficial in coryza.
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uble compound of lead in these situations, from which it could not be
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not easily wash. It is not suited for a dress near the skin.
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Mode of Operating. Nitric acid is a direct stimulant to the alimentaiy
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it has ever since continued to be employed, in the form of effervescing
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undergo preliminary changes, which probably better adapt them for
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disagreeable odour All parts of it are active. The U. S. Pharmacopceia
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tries of Lucca ; the Italians still hold them in esteem. In short, it was
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alcoholism acts adversely to the development of tubercle may be conjeo-
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of ginger, orange-peel, etc., which render them more stimulant to the
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in certain cases, and very likely they have been successful.