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was given in increasing doses till some symptoms of belladonna poisoning

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describes the tumours as consisting of a dense aggregation of small round

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mania ; after the delirium, or after fevers apart from delirium, there may

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an early morning visit to an ancient willow-tree. When

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extend widely over the body." They may be hard and papular at first.

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usually combined with some drastic form of physical treatment, such as

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lays stress on the absence of pustules in erythema ; but this may depend

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. same manner as for the destruction of superfluous hairs, has been

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was any truth in tales, the masculine vigour of the coach-

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entirely with the following remarks by Mr. Wyndham Cottle : —

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type ; in my experience, it is more rare for mental depression or delusional

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managed to dispose of some forty or fifty of these charms

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tube labelled RP/DC and 1 drop of donor's plasma in a

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Meeting "Doctor" X. one day in a public library, I sought

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tions to our knowledge of the direct effect of typhoid fever upon the

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— 2. Leroux. "Urticaire," Dictionnaire encyclopidique des sciences midicales, 5e ser.

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8.0 phosphate should be compared with the corresponding borates, using cresol red.

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conjunction with chronic ulcer ; compression of the duodenum by means

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by associating with it some salicylic acid. Ichthyol may be added with

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Plumbe). — 19. Wilks. Guy's Sosp. Reports, vol. vii. pp. 345, 346. Diphtheria : 20.

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an insertion should have been made, but, arguing from his