3. Grayzel, H. G., Heimer, C. B., and Grayzel R. W.: New York St. J. M. 53:2233, 1953.

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The patient being comfortably seated in a suitable light,

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I found the usual pregnant rotundity of the abdomen ; the cessation of

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Meticulous attention to fetal heart irregularities,

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Theominal and Luminal, trademarks reg. U. S. Pat. Otf.

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When the child, at the time in her womb, was born, this mark on its

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dents to a full participation in all the rights and immunities

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York Universit}' College of Medicine, “The Preven-

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ness, or a tendency to spasmodic action, which had entirely subsided, leav-

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fed infants; (2) in fermentative diarrhea in bottle-fed in-

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more open to improvement than that which relates to those

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than I learned in all of my previous seventeen j^ears

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Much of the difficulty in applying and modifying legal principles to

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“Will asafoetida, tied around your neck, prevent dis-

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ber, 1954, your chairman had the pleasure of address-

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tain types, dysmenorrhea; amenorrhea and sterility due

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ance following the opening of the spinal canal was caused by the loss of

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view of its present-day significance in relation to

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common diseases of the eye, pediatric neurology and

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discussion on contact dermatitis and asthma will be

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August 1st, — ^Blister on the loins* Above prescription continued to

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child, 80 unlike any of the others or either of its parents. Her theory was

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The procedure is only applicable to slight thicknesses of

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they do for religious and welfare activities. . . .”

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