or skulls or bones or lungs. ...We treat people.”
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used to track our state’s progress and compare it with
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If she had said that all maternities should be improved, and that
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English, French, and Russians in Eome and Naples, in the beauti-
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four years, and has been frequently under treatment, without much
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Anthropology and associate professor of psychiatry and
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An accusation has been made against medical superintendents of
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individuals, especially old people. An adult should be laid crosswise
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South Carolina, School of Journalism; and Dana Kickey,
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GoODHAUT, M.B. Aberd., etc. ; Pathological Assistant in the
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agents” of this tool chest. Expanding our toolbox to
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tion in the general condition of the patient takes place. Turpentine
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ing directly depends on the quality of research done here.
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to state that employers should be responsible for collect-
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The following is an abstract of a lecture delivered by M. Verneuil
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some blood vessels in the head that are swollen during a migraine to constrict (that is, to
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I tliink, considering its pliysiological action, Calabar bean is likely
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The subject gives an opportunity of mentioning a method of the
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and maternal ingestion of toxins adversely affected fetal
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the sputa, so characteristic of genuine slight attacks. The blood in
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Management of chronic sinusitis in cystic fibrosis.
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The following information w as reprinted from the May 2000 Medicare Advisory to apprise you of changes in the
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digital compression was tried for thirteen hours with no appreciable
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States. Monthly vital statistics report; vol 42 no 13.
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is offering outstanding opportunities for physicians
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decline persons labouring under a dilated right heart, and those ill
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are encouraged by the fact, that such seemingly hopelesa inquiries
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organ — it may be in the brain itself. Thus, he says : — " A tu-
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physicians are being paid more than Aiken physicians for
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Corticosteroid therapv in sarcoidosis. NY State J Med
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made to obtain a view of the foreign body with the mirror intro-
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should be discarded if not used within 30 minutes after recon-
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■ Tell your doctor if you have a history of epilepsy or seizures.
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interest in performing c-sections as well as various other
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So at the dawn of the age of gene technology we already
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from the South Carolina High School League's website
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The great sign of polypus is that loss of blood which is the main
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Desquamation of the cuticle commenced on the 6th May. There
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three jobs, she’s doing one. “I love it,” she says.