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tions in the Female Pelvis and Their Effect in Labor, with Sug-

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that no possible surgical operation can separate them.

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fourth annual session of the Association, originally

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valescence from abortion. It is less common after delivery at

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It is the Patriotic Duty of every Physician to guard the health of the civilian

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“Treatment of Cancer of the Rectum Without Colos-

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tions for offices were posted as required by the by-laws.

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with the following mixture : — -I^ Sp. chloroform. 5iiss, tinct.

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3 — Mrs. Clarence Hummel, 2329 Hay Street. Easton.

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ment. This is especially true when the treatments are

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and advancement proportionate to ability and industry.

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grades I and II of cancer were considered radio-resist-

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science: physical education or military science is recommended.

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