most of the digested proteids are expelled into the small intestine, for the

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Osteo-arthritis — The etiology of this disease is far from clear.

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organs in the same patient. Pye-Smith has recorded an example, and I

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needle should be thrust into the organ at the point at which it is thought

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Prognosis. — Although the mortality from malarial disease as com-

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by Mracek, it occurred in twenty-one. Other observers have noted sudden

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is attained may rise to 104°, 106°, or even to 107° F. or over. Then

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kin's disease, pernicious anaemia, diabetes, fatty liver, hydatid, tropical

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temporary and adrenalin and caffeine give better results. It appears

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It is not always easy to differentiate gummata of the heart from tuberculous

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weak, and he may die. Both these effects are extremely uncommon.- ISTo

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to remember that protracted jaundice, due solely to a gallstone, rarely lasts

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Treatment. — Eheumatoid arthritis, if left untreated, tends to spread

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history, not for love of science, but because of fear of death, in an en-

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in the right iliac region, denotes the omentum, thickened, contracted,

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horfe fhould be covered with a cloth dipt in the warm

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special study will be made of the pathology of all diseases which come within

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temperature, as a rule, rises higher than in the second stage, but, on the

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superalimentation with milk, eggs and meat, if carried on for

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in large towns, the remedy will He in the enjoinment of regular exercise,

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due to cancer or to cicatricial contraction. The presence of a tumour in

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administered by mouth, gave very clear-cut shadows when the salt was

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arises, because the colon gets in front of the liver. Lastly, tumours of the

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dyspnoea increases, dry or wet cupping or venesection are sometimes

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sporulation commences. At one end of each of the rods a highly refractile

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in sections and general sessions, an innovation in the nature of a

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diffused through a very tenacious mucus. When the patient does not die

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the incifion where nature' iridicates, that is, where

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occurrence of rigors, the detection of bone disease, the non-migratory

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The sites of dwelling-houses in malarious districts should always be