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tion of giving 10,000/. for the establishment of a hospital in that ancient
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bladder, or kidney, induces not the ordinary tetanic spasms, but a peculiar
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in some part or other, more especially on the high plateau which forms a
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cutaneous tissue in other parts of the body, notably above the clavicles,
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be could not entirely remove it by pulling, hand over hand, for hours
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muscular tremor and paresis, with slight embarrassment and slowness of
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do little good. All the voluntary muscles accessory to respiration are
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there may be hypertrophy of the left ventricle of the heart.
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watery solutions of anilin dyes penetrated tubercle bacilli with extreme slowness
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head, with difficult and laborious respiration and pain in the head. If
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The bacillus of Leprosy is morphologically similar to that of tuberculosis,
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It has been suggested that the prognosis may be based on the intensity
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grows in a few months into a large bleeding mass and quickly destroys
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contributory factor in the production and the rapidity of progress of the
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procedure, because of the breaking up of the corpuscles of the blood which
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itchiness while taking cardura
flexion is complete, will give a passive pressure with vibration to the hands,
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to excite the requisite infiammation for the obliteration of the vessel.