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Diagnosis.- — The most important diagnostic criteria have already been
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Hysterical anaesthesias, however, may attain an extreme degree; they are
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nosis is hopeless, for the disease is incurable. The remedies used in ordinary
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to the cells of Clarke's column, whose processes enter the lateral cerebellar tract. 3. Direct
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advanced life. Men are much more often attacked than women.
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Often a warm bath at bedtime brings the patient sleep, and in other cases a
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2. Fractical Anatomy, — Special attention is devoted to this important
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race and place of residence are of setiological importance. So far as is known,
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(a) Students in laboratory courses are required to purchase at the office of the Bursar
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■st his own coat. On the back of the title page it must be stated that the thesis
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In that case the patient at first usually feels only a painless touch, but after
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Distinctiye Characters of the Principal Britkh Phanerogamic and
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Examiner. C. 1855, 56. Cor. 1863. Ex. 1861, 62. Cr. 1860, 61.
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one week before the day appointed for the examination: (1) A
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Hydrotherapy, locker-rooms and restrooms, and the library stack-room are in the base-
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