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erable in tumoi's in the lumbar region, and often presents the form of
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toms, was not present in this series, nor has it been noted in the
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absent in some instances. The mere discovery of a trace of albumin or
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done, in order that the heat may effectively reach the central portions of
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(4) Interlobar Pleurisy. — This variety is usually secondary to, or
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the lining epithelium whilst the encephaloid and scirrhous are new
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(acute yellow atrophy) ; {b) Grave general symptoms, as albuminuria,
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will indicate the variety of alterant to be employed. If it be acid,
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to Dr. S. Weir Mitchell the first accurate description of "habit-spasm."
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attain a large size, a sensation of dragging, and of pain even, is often
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Physical exam. No abnormalities found in heart, lungs,
portions of the lungs involved by this type look pale ; when pulmonary
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of the liver may be present before any subjective symptoms are observed.
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described, either strictly localized or radiating to neighboring nerves,
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tubules themselves may be dilated and choked with degenerated cells, or,
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unnecessary mutilation, with the pelvic structures as nearly intact as
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urine for diagnostic purposes. On the other hand, in stenosis of the
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ultimate changes are contraction and atrophy, or, more rarely, calcifica-
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in the rectum and bladder, and by an irresistible desire to go to stool ;
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between this disease and pernicious anemia may not be marked clearly,
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experiences in starting housekeeping. In due time plans are made for