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The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association

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I directed that the child should be kept on her back, and the

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irritable ovary, or phthisis, as the case may be, in the patient's

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Snake-Bites. — The cobra or spectacled snake. — I observe that Dr

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H. Watson, M.D. ; David Wilson, M.D. ; John Smith, M.D. ;

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mortem examination. In the medical certificate of cause of death,

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edition, the name of no one will be inserted who does not possess a

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modification of LDL and protection of vascular endothe-

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skin moist ; but there will be no evidence of febrile disturbances,

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She consulted Dr Robertson of Bannockburn, who sent her to the

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tions. Gifts to the endowment are tax deductible, and we are thankful for

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FDA and CDC to expect delays in influenza shipments

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Adults and adolescents (> 13 years of age): A single 0.5 mL dose, followed by a second 0.5 mL dose four to eight weeks later.

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prepuce, with the effect of completely arresting the bleeding.

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Tish Halloran, director of Hennepin County’s Men-

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to hear their story of torture. “Everyone has a story, and

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observations. 3 ' 5 Behrman et al. reviewed 39 cases

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and nature of insanity, and some of his remarks show a considerable