Saccardo, P. A. Streptothrix. Sylloge Fungorum, (1886), 4, 282-283.
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of the liver-cells have been destroyed,' and the formation of bile is thus
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the epithelium ; later they press in between them. They may even,
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regular vibrations, and inefficient irregular vibrations of the aortic
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fever. Tliis opinion is expressed by Blair and Dr. Warren
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base downward, and with an obtuse apex above. The dulness, which
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and oppose its further egress. This would be still more marked, did
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domen. Such masses occur rarely after perforation of ulcer of the
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end, and broader and flatter posteriorly. It is divided into head, neck,
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ducts; the male is smaller and somewhat crooked at its tail-end, which
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Substantive emphysema — that is, a form of vesicular emphysema,
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ing fluid flows from the rectum, corroding the anus and its vicinity.
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is no remedy more successful than opium in relieving the constipation
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vision 141; defective hearing 90; and organic disease of the heart 71."*
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of vessels occur in the conjunctiva, which becomes infiltrated with blood
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Even in the latter years of childhood, bronchial catarrh, with swelling
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the systole into the auricle, either process must impede the emptying of
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elastic fibres in the sputa, and of cavernous sounds, dispels all doubt
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* Moosbrugger. I'eber Aktinomykose des Menschen. Tubingen, (1886), 57 pp,
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his name is mentioned, we shall remember a gentleman, a
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murs by simple hypertrophy. On the contrary, when the heart is
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If the cause be a direct irritant to which we know the mucous mem-
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because — 1. Nicotine causes in animals progressive enfeeble-
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ness of his skin and mucous membranes, the hydnemia and dropsy, de-
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by great restlessness and complaint of constriction of the throat appeared. The
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distinguished. Although the peritonitis and perityphlitis in uleer&tioQ
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much accelerated, I have seen the dropsy, cyanosis, and tumefaction
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his experience has led him to believe that, if operated upon
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tion is not contingent upon the wishes of the Filipinos. We hear a
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Of the 20 who remain alive within the ISTursery, 9 have been
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Cairo, in particular cases, or for certain stages of the disease, are so
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the intestines or 'perforation outwardly. In some cases the inflamma-