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neous development of innumerable brilliant crystals, con-

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so poor in nutritious qualities as to be insufficient to support

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the very evident defects in the synthesizing power of the parietal

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pure air, or imperfect sanguification in the lungs, the body and all its functions be-

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substance, of different sizes; so that under a low power the arrange-

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Addretted to the Lord Presideni o/the Privy CfouneiL

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Assistant Attending Physician, New York Hospital; Consultant in Cardiac Diseases,

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if one wishes to accentuate any of the breath sounds, the pa-

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communicatioiis as the testis. Dr. Brown states that an experience

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duced by these causes are convulsions, consumption, apoplexy, croup, diarrhoea,

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the mill before they came to Philadelphia. She would take up a bag containing 112

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Those employed, as well as all residents of the neighborhood, are subject to epi-

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suite de la Ligature, Par Th. Cocteau, Docteur en Medi-

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it is an anatomical impossibility for the peri-uterine swellings

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number of cases of the incipient form of tuberculosis of the

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center our attention first on the procedure of the examination

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due consideration in the formation of the marriage tie. Were it known before mar-

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the nervous diarrheas as such (see below), but in all diarrheas

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it is also said by Moses, " The physicians embalmed Jacob."

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the usual places of its evacuation, as in urinating, perspiration, &c, and left to ooze

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reduce hyperchlorhydria, where this is the cause of pylorospasm,

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Flannel is a still better article for absorption of the perspiration ; and if only this

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chancre. Half of these sores were now touched three times a daj

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easily be missed. A systolic murmur at the aortic area is in-

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sion by gluttony in exciting foods and drinks, habits of idleness, bad books, pictures, con-

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distinctions made by others, and to put together, without suffi-

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only destroyed immediately over where the plants first penetrate the

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wife thought herself with, child ; on expressing this belief to her husband, she was

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three days after arrival. The mother at this time seemed to be

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concentration of 25 gm. per liter of urine, and the expression

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mitral valve was a line of soft beads offibrine, easily detached.

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on them ; great toes partially bent. Feculent matter at the nates.

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She was taken to a physician on this account, who examined