Bacteriological studies have revealed to us a materialism, a
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for the disease under consideration has been very great. Each
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XII. The tenth , or Purple, broad Leav’d Spanifli
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round-pointed Leaves, lying on the Ground , a little
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May -, the third in July , and fo alfo the fourth and
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until the abscess begins to point externally. He strongly advo-
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naked Stalk, five, fix or more inches high, bearing
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The Committee on Medical Legislation beg leave to offer the
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F’ootftalk, and divided into five , fix, or feven feve-
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ed „or fo If iff, but rather refembling the Leaves oj
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in Cap. 421. aforegoing, but that is not the Leonto-
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firft Kind, which we have declared at large in Cap.
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third is called, Sfiiinquefolium album ntajus caulef-
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same way, in which it is claimed this proposed law might do.
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in Latine, I hlafpi Horten (is, iff Tblafpi Umbella- *
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tending to anAJh color or grey on the lower fide ■
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equal with the Cryftal, or White Carnation , but as
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paration , which will do full as well , and operate
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lus. Second, we know, or feel that we know, that tuberculosis as a
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bed, are fomething Jhorter, rounder, and more f oft
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condition every year ; that the Legislative Committee be con-
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Water it prevails again!! the Jaundice, and daily ta-
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narrower than the other, which fo abide, and after-
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ing but one Seed, which is a little broad, rough and
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Going South with the sun and returning with his return few
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attempt to extend them, or even slight passive motion, produces
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Pancratium, nor Scylla, nor Lillium * but it is cer-
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as the outward manifestation of ovulation, thus presents both a clini-
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it is faid to kill the Child in the Womb, fo that a
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and Virtues of thefe are the fame with thofe ot the
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a little at the edges, of a fad green color above, but
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cornered and greyifh, of the Talte of other PulJ'es.
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by another on each fide of the middle Rib, fix, eight ,
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