whose maximum temperature-range is from 104 .5 ° to 106 F. is
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sharply down in it, and then drawn through with a quick sweep.
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authority. In 1891 he again went East to study hospitals.
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In the lesions from postero -anterior firing, the free splinters
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rabies], certain general medication has usually been resorted to,
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of others must be called upon to supply the lack of one's own.
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row; and, sir, they thanked God for us openly." Those who
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the extremities are also not infrequently affected at the same time. Similar
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May 13. i6o7> to tlic battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775,
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lirium ; or it may at first run an apparently favorable course, and not change
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ney; Mrs. Gibney died in 1888. At Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1893,
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thrilled in the veins of Robert E. Lee. His was the hand
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University, Medical Department, in 1888, and graduated with hon-
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sity, took her brother's school, and began to teach again.
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formation of a small neuroma above the point of injury.
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study, and he advanced rapidly in knowledge of the science. While