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a case of diabetes has first been recognized bv this condition of the teeth.

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of the muscular system. This hypothesis is supported especially by the in-

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in the dorsal extensors of the foot. The fact that the muscular tonus is in-

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are often found. The tendon reflexes are lost or else exaggerated, which may

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quently in women of the lower classes; that it comes on especially in middle

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close of each session. They are known as the First Year's, the Primary,

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Before we proceed in what follows to describe these different subtypes in

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up to about 3j to ojss. (gm. 5 to 6) or even more daily, and then again reduce.

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even later, because the processes of regeneration require at least as much time

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portentous number of useless facts, but he can draw no deductions from them ;

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the internal capsule, as far as at present known, have been already stated. In

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of inflammation — granule cells, infiltration with nuclei around the blood ves-

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be tried, perhaps in combination with iodid of potassium or of sodium.

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and any etiological factors which may exist. Typhoid fever is excluded Vy

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whole peripheral motor neuron, but that the ganglion cells in the anterior

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syphilitic treatment. In our opinion, the ability to answer this question

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The Albert Merritt Billings Hospital has a capacity of 218 beds intended for the use

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tebrae). The upper vertebra in such cases is usually dislocated forward. The

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(a) -de desire a relative humidity of 85-^ perceit.

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and vn Natural History, vnelvding Botany and Geology, — ^These scholar*

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required, to give a more perfect description on paper of the form and

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as a rale, in the Glerman language, and in all branches of Medicine.

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caused by a severe fright, and which therefore must be regarded as " hy§-

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origin. All these manifestations indicate that there is, nevertheless, a chronic

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system usually reveals that in addition to the main poliomyelitic focus there

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lucinatory confusion been seen. In a few instances slight (Edematous swelling

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often that immediately after the insertion of the pin the patient feels nothing

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The nndermentioiied course of study must be attended in some

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" brush " instead of " bed," or " gove " instead of " give," etc. It is a very

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